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Sofabaton is now supportive 6,000+ Brands and compatible with 60,000+Devices.

You can search the device by searching for brand name, model number or part number. If you can not find your device or brands here, then please feel free to contact us for adding more. Thanks for your patience

High Frequent Compatible Brands

Sofabaton is continuous pursuit of perfection, has been recognized by more and more customers, and gradually to meet customer needs to add nearly 6000 compatible brands.

Wireless Technology Support

Protocol type Product type Status Statement
Infrared U2 & X1 Support all devices
Bluetooth U2 & X1 Support Android, IOS,
Windows and other systems
(generally used to control the TV and box)
WiFi(LAN) X1 Only can support Roku,Philips Hue, and Sonos

Device Type We Can Support