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Affiliate & Agent

As the world’s leading provider of intelligent remote control solutions, Sofabaton is looking for you to join us as partners and agents; You will enjoy the following advantages:

Fat profits
We provide a competitive price system to ensure that our agents and partners get rich profit returns.

Exclusive sales rights
As our partner and agent, you will get the exclusive sales rights of Sofabaton universal remote control products in the designated area, with more business opportunities and market share.

Comprehensive support
We will provide you with comprehensive support, including product training, marketing support, technical support, etc., to help you succeed in your market.

Quality product line
We have a number of leading universal remote control products, to provide users with convenient and intelligent control experience.

Brand influence
As a partner and agent of Sofabaton, you will work with us to build brand influence, enjoy brand premium and long-term partnership.

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Affiliate & Agent

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