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X series Guide

① Positioning hub

To make sure that all your devices receive the infrared signal, you need to place the hub in an appropriate location. For devices that the hub cannot cover, you need to extend the signal range through an infrared extension cable.

② Connecting to hub

To begin, you’ll need to download the SofaBaton app, register an account, and connect the Hub to your home WiFi to complete the hub configuration.

③ Adding a device

Determine whether your device is controlled via infrared, Bluetooth, or WiFi. And add your device to the hub through the corresponding method in Sofabaton APP.

④ Power setting

It is important to check and confirm power settings so that you can properly control the device on and off when switching between activities.

⑤ Source configuration

Source configuration is to ensure that the device can jump to the correct input when you switch activities. Especially devices with multiple inputs such as TVs, projectors, or AV receivers.

⑥ Creating an Activity

Select included devices and create activities based on specific home theater scenarios, and configure related buttons.

⑦ Enjoy it

You can create multiple activities to switch freely in different scenarios!


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