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4. X Series-Power Settings

This article consists of two parts: Accessing Power Settings and Adjusting Power Settings. After this piece, there will be a summary.

Before adjusting Power Settings, make sure you have added devices. If you haven’t added any yet, refer to the  Adding Devicestutorial.

1. Accessing Power Settings

On the Devices page, you can view the devices you have already added. If you notice a “not configured” tab next to a new device, click on it to navigate to the Device Control page. Once there, you’ll find a “Warm Tip” message at the top of the page. This message prompts you to complete the Power Settings and Source Configuration before creating an activity.

To access the Power Settings page, simply click on “Power Settings.” In case the “Warm Tip” message is not visible, click on “Edit” and select “Power Settings” from the options bar.

In case the “Warm Tip” message is not visible, click on “Edit” and select “Power Settings” from the options bar.

2. Adjusting Power Settings

Firstly, it’s important to check the power state setting for your device.

  • If your device doesn’t have a power button, the default option is usually “No power button”.
  • On the other hand, if your device has a power button, the default option is “Turn off when not in use”. This means that when you switch to an activity that doesn’t require this device, the X1-Hub will automatically send a command to turn it off.

Secondly, ensure that the default power command for the device matches your original remote. t is possible that the codebase may contain keys such as “Power toggle”, “Power on”, and “Power off”. When you switch between activities, you have the option to change the default power command.

You can return to the Devices page after checking or modifying any necessary settings. The Power Settings tab has been removed. (Video Tutorial)


Once you have followed these instructions, you can customize the Power Settings for your devices. These settings are responsible for controlling the device’s behavior automatically while switching between activities. It is recommended that you check the default settings or modify the device behavior as per your requirements. After making your selections, review and confirm them to ensure they meet your preferences and device needs.

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