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All in one universal remote


All in one universal remote

One for all

Revolutionize your home entertainment experience with Sofabaton U2 remote control, where innovation meets ease of use. The Sofabaton U2 replaces 15+ infrared and Bluetooth remotes. The lift-to-wake feature allows you to switch between devices at your convenience. You can custom assign commands to the remote control and set up macros to control multiple actions with one click. Simplify your life with the Sofabaton remote control-making control. It is simple, and technology adapts to your needs right at your fingertips.

Comprehensive Code Library

Sofabaton universal remote control features a powerful code library and a real-time updated database. It supports over 6,000 brands and 500,000 home entertainment devices, making it easy to control TVs, stereos, DVD players, Blu-ray players, projectors, and more, whether newly released or old ones from several years ago.

Infrared Learning Mode

U2 Remote Control not only allows you to add devices from the cloud code library manually but also learns the functions of the original remote control, providing greater flexibility and convenience for your remote control programming. The U2 remote control also has multiple built-in infrared transmitters to make the control distance longer and the infrared signal stronger.

Personalized Remote

You can turn on the entertainment system with one click and trigger multiple commands by setting macro buttons. Imagine the convenience of instantly powering on your Blu-ray player, TV, and soundbar with just one click. You can customize the start time and pause time. For example, turn on the TV first, then turn on the set-top box 5 seconds later.

Personalized Remote

You can turn on the entertainment system with one click and trigger multiple commands by setting macro buttons. Imagine the convenience of instantly powering on your Blu-ray player, TV, and soundbar with just one click. You can customize the start time and pause time. For example, turn on the TV first, then turn on the set-top box 5 seconds later.

Quickly Switch Devices

When using the Sofabaton remote control, you can quickly switch between different devices by simply rolling the wheel. The scroll wheel design allows you faster access every button you need with just one thumb, without having to constantly move your hands. Greatly improves operation efficiency, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your favorite content.

Quickly Switch Devices

You can quickly switch between devices by rolling the wheel when using the Sofabaton remote control. The scroll wheel design allows you to access every button with just one thumb without constantly moving your hands. It dramatically improves operation efficiency, enabling you to enjoy your favorite content more.

Comfortable Grip

The Sofabaton remote control is designed with a comfortable and skin-friendly feel, featuring rounded edges and a balanced grip. Moderate size, effectively reducing hand fatigue. Whether you are left- or right-handed, you can operate it with ease. The U2 remote control features a bottom protrusion design to prevent it from slipping out of your hand while gripping

Raise to Wake

The screen automatically lights up when you pick up the remote, ensuring effortless visibility and control of your devices in any lighting conditions. For battery saving and environmental protection considerations, the screen will automatically turn off when the remote control is not used for a long time.

Customers Review

Samuel Clark:

Best Universal Remote On The Market! Thru the years I have owned several remotes, this one is hands down the best. This universal remote is very convenient and so easy to set up! I love that I can set up my Bluetooth speaker and my tv,  Onkyo sound system, and Sony blu ray playerall to this remote! Everything is software programmed so I can set each key to do exactly what I want. And the best thing is, IT WORKS. Everything works like it’s supposed to. I love having just one remote for all of my devices! Thank you for making such a great product that actually works!

James Anderson:

I’ve used a lot of universal remotes from cheapos to the Logitech Harmony. This has been by far the easiest setup and use. Took very little time to add my components through the app. I have an Nvidia Shield, an old LG TV and a Pioneer receiver. I use the Shield remote to control everything. I decided to get this remote for two purposes, first would be the adjust device settings I can’t do with the Shield remote, second it could be used as a spare Shield remote such as when the main one is on the other couch.There were no assigned buttons to adjust the subwoofer on my Pioneer but a quick edit let me add them to some unused buttons. Also, the mapping for my LG TV had the wrong exit button set. I was able to change that easily as well. As a Bluetooth device it paired fine with Shield the first time and works flawlessly. I definitely recommend this remote.

Olivia Thompson:

Fantastic and Easy-to-use! This Sofabaton U2 remote I wish I had sooner. Good hand feel. It’s ergonomic. 1. Like crazy easy. With the Logitech you had to connect to a computer and use an old clunky software to program your remote. It took a while and it was complex. It was sophisticated tech. It made sense at the time. Setting up this Sofabaton was a snap. Download the app, pair it to the remote, and start entering devices. Every device I owned was easily found in the existing library. I had the remote unpacked and fully programmed in 10 minutes flat. Now that’s easy. 2. Capable. The U2 has no range concerns in my setup. Living room is probably 20ft long and I can turn on/off all devices with ease. Also, the IR learning, really opens up the capability to all sorts of devices. I have a handful of different LED candles from different brands for ambient lighting (string lights, tumblers, tea lights, candle sticks) and I was able to consolidate 4 different cheap remotes into the Sofabaton as a separate menu options. This blew me away. Even my electric fireplace insert! So I effectively went from seven remotes to one. I couldn’t be happier.


This is probably the best out there right now. I replaced my Harmony 720 remote with this. Outstanding choice for “line of sight” remote control. The app used for programing this works great. All of the buttons can be programmed to do most anything. Preset templates are a good starting point only. Can learn functions from other remote controls. Macro feature works great – one button does this + this + this + etc at the same time; simply by pushing 1 button. My Macro Example: one button push: turns on the TV, sets the TV to the correct input, turns on the stereo receiver, sets the stereo receiver to the correct input, and activates Hulu channel. The other macro button turns it all off.

Benjamin Roberts:

Amazing! I would give this remote 10 stars if I could! I have used the old-style universal remotes in the past where you have to read the booklet and try different codes for your TV and even then, the remote works with just one TV. This remote lets you connect to multiple devices (not just limited to the TV but other devices such as Roku and Apple TV box etc.). The display screen lets you select which device you need to control. It is as simple as that! All the devices are added/removed through the app using the simple interface that walks you through the process step by step. When trying the power button to see which code will work for the TV, you don’t actually have to press the power button on the remote. You just press the button in the app and it sends the signal through the remote. I am very excited and so far have connected this remote to 3 devices. Looking forward to connecting to more devices and having this single remote control all my devices!

Matthew Johnson:

This is an excellent universal remote control, easy to program. The most important feature to me is its ability to learn any specified key from another remote control. Thus you can use that feature to build most remote controls into this one – enabling you to have one remote control serving for several. works 100% out of the box, intuitive, clear set up on app, up and running in less than 10 minutes turning my Yamaha amp, my TCL tv, and my Apple TV on and off and controlling them easily. It feels good in the hand. Good price point. The Sofabaton support is fast and good.


Q1:What's the difference between U1 and U2?

1. Infrared control angle optimization: U2 can control the angle of 120 °, U1 can control the angle of 60 °.
2. Infrared distance optimization: U2 40 feet, U1 25 feet.
3. Battery cover design optimization: U2 to solve some of the difficult to change the battery problem.
4. Key feel optimization: U2 increases the size of the number keys to avoid accidentally pressing other keys when pressing.
5. Ergonomic design upgraded, texture and durability upgraded, anti-scratch design

Software (macro optimization)
1. U2 macros can add commands from the database, U1 can only add the case operation of the remote control, and cannot call commands from the complete database.
2. U2 macros can add commands from Bluetooth devices, U1 macros don’t contain Bluetooth commands.

Yes, the U2 remote control works with Vizio.

Yes Sofabaton U2 universal remote control works good with sonos

U2 universal remote control does not support PS4 or PS5, but the X1 remote does.

 Yes, the U2 remote support the Apple TV 4k device.

Yes, Sofabaton U2 universal remote control works with Hisense.

Yes, U2 remote control for all brands of TVs

The U2 remote does not work with Philips hue lights, but the X1 Universal Remote does.

No. U2 remote does not have activity mode, but you can set macro buttons to turn off multiple devices like TV, receiver, Roku, etc, with one push of the on/off switch.

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