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Universal Remote, Most areas are subject to a free shipping policy.
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All in one universal remote, Features include the Customized Sofabaton APP, One-Touch Activities, Voice Control, API Integration, and more.

3 reviews for U2

  1. Joshua Madison

    Best Universal Remote On The Market!
    I have owned several remotes over the years, and this one is hands down the best. It’s very convenient and easy to set up. I love that I can control my Bluetooth speaker, TV, Onkyo sound system, and Sony Blu-ray player all with this remote. Everything works flawlessly, and I appreciate having just one remote for all my devices. Thank you for creating such a great product that actually works!

  2. lulumo (verified owner)

    Aside from the dozen or so “universal remotes” of my youth, I’ve had one remote to rule them all. An old Harmony 890 series. I loved my Harmony so much, I was quite skeptical anything could top the success Logitech had, but boy was I wrong. Here’s my experience w/ this Sofabaton U2 remote. Not a paid review, I really did buy this thing after hemming and hawing for probably 6 months. I wish I had sooner.

    1. Easy. Like crazy easy. With the Logitech you had to connect to a computer and use an old clunky software to program your remote. It took a while and it was complex. It was sophisticated tech. It made sense at the time. Setting up this Sofabaton was a snap. Download the app, pair it to the remote, and start entering devices. Every device I owned was easily found in the existing library (even the Edifier speakers, which I thought for sure wouldn’t be in the library). I had the remote unpacked and fully programmed in 10 minutes flat. Now that’s easy.

    2. Capable. The U2 has no range concerns in my setup. Living room is probably 20ft long and I can turn on/off all devices with ease. Also, the IR learning, really opens up the capability to all sorts of devices. I have a handful of different LED candles from different brands for ambient lighting (string lights, tumblers, tea lights, candle sticks) and I was able to consolidate 4 different cheap remotes into the Sofabaton as a separate menu options. This blew me away. Even my electric fireplace insert! So I effectively went from seven remotes to one. I couldn’t be happier.

    HELPFUL TIP: If you use the IR learning, you might need to do it twice. I don’t know why, but the second time it works. Also, you don’t need to “hold the button” as it says. I would click the learn button, press my old remote button once, it would fail. I’d then repeat the exact same steps, and the second time it learned and worked perfectly. I did it this way for all 4 cheap lighting remotes and they all work flawlessly.

    3. Good hand feel. It’s ergonomic. I think the intuitive layout makes up for the lack of backlit buttons (which would be a nice feature) but still totally worth it.

    4. Value. $60? How? I bought my old Logitech 890 series remote probably 15 years ago and I remember it being a BIG purchase. This remote has really simplified my life and it did not break the bank. I’ve had it for about 2 weeks now and I really hope this lasts for years.

  3. Al H

    My sofabaton u2 had a problem upgrading the software, would not complete the update. Contacted sofabaton service department, they determined it was a problem with my remote software. They (James & Krystal) immediately replied, got my order number, and address, and I replacing it with the new one. I love the sofabaton remote, I have one other one, they are excellent and work beyond expectations! I also think the service department did an excellent job in their response time and getting the squared away. They went above and beyond! Thank you!

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