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5. X Series-Source Configuration

If you’re looking to control devices while switching between activities automatically, you’ll find the Source Configuration feature very useful. It’s similar to “Power Settings” and allows you to manage devices that can be switched between inputs, such as a TV, projector, AV receiver, or HDMI extender. However, before you start using Source Configuration, you need to ensure that you have added some devices. If you haven’t done so already, please refer to the Add Devices tutorial.

1. Accessing Source Configuration:

When you add a new device, you may notice a “not configured” tab on the right side of the device. Click on that tab to access the Device Control page. You will see a “Warm Tip” at the top of the page, reminding you to complete the Source Configuration before creating an Activity. To do so, click on “Source Configuration” to enter the settings page.

If your page does not display a “Warm Tip,” click “Edit” and choose “Source Configuration” from the options bar.

2. Setting Up Source Configuration:

The screen will ask you if you need to switch inputs; you can choose according to your needs.

For example, the TV and AV receiver can switch inputs, but if you connect other devices, such as STB, streaming media box, or DVD player, to the AV receiver and not to the TV, you don’t need to change the TV input.

  • For the TV setup, select “No need to switch input” and click “OK” to exit. The Source Configuration tab on the Device Control page disappears. However, for the AV receiver, you must select “I need to switch input” and proceed to configure it.
  • For the AV receiver setup, select “I need to switch input.” and continue the configuration process.

When you start configuring the source information, the X1 system will assist you in specifying how the devices switch between inputs, available inputs, and their arrangement. This information is vital for the system to calculate the operational steps when activities begin and automatically change to the correct input.

Firstly, please select the appropriate source switching mode and corresponding control commands matching your device’s configuration.

  • Suppose your device has a dedicated button for each input. In that case, the app screen will suggest you choose the “Direct Input Switching” mode and automatically select possible inputs in the next step for your confirmation. Ensure you have checked all the required inputs and rename them if necessary. Once you are done, click “Complete” to save the configuration.
  • To demonstrate the process for devices with different switching modes, we will use another example.

a.Select “Input Toggling/Cycling” if you use a command like “Source” to switch directly to the next input.

b.Select “Bring up Navigation Menu” to choose an input from the screen menu, then select the corresponding switching mode based on control commands.

Next, enter the source list.

  • You can add the inputs you used to the source list for devices that switch inputs with direct commands.
  • For devices with other source-switching modes, you must add all input options to the source list in the same order as they appear on the device screen. This enables the system to auto-switch to the correct input based on the required operational steps.

Finally, confirm the source location.

  • Select the current source location for the system to switch to the correct input when activities start automatically.

Video Tutorial: YouTube Short

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