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2. U Series-Adding Devices

There are two options for adding devices: Infrared Control and Bluetooth Control.

Infrared Control

Click “Add” –>> Choose Infrared –>> Searching –>> Enter Your Device Brand –>> Enter Your Device Model –>> Click “Next” –>> Complete –>> Downloading the Code

Note: If your device is not listed, please refer to the article for Can’t Find My Device.


Let’s take a look at how to add a Bluetooth-controlled device using Apple TV as an example.

1. Please choose your device and proceed with downloading the code. The process may take approximately twenty seconds.

2. Since AppleTV is a Bluetooth-controlled device, you will need to navigate to the Apple TV settings to complete the pairing process.

3. Navigate to “Bluetooth,” select device starting with “Sofabaton” to pair.

4. The application will display a notification indicating that the device has been added successfully.

Note: For most Bluetooth devices, you can select “Other” to download the code and then pair it to your device.

Video tutorial: YouTube

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