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How to know which wireless method controls my device?

1. Infrared (IR) is the primary control method for audio and video equipment. If you’re not familiar with a device, you can first choose to add it via infrared, and then via Bluetooth if infrared is unavailable.

2. Devices controlled by infrared usually have an indicator light or an infrared lens at the front end of the remote control.

3. Try blocking the front of the original remote control with your hand. If your device can still be controlled, it indicates that the device supports control via Bluetooth or RF (Radio Frequency).

4. Common streaming boxes like Apple TV, Fire TV, and Nvidia Shield are controlled via Bluetooth. Most Smart TVs and Android boxes also support Bluetooth control.

5. Bluetooth devices like TVs, STBs, or streaming boxes typically have a Bluetooth option in their settings. You can use the Bluetooth discovery function to pair them with the Sofabaton remote. Another type of Bluetooth device, like speakers, can’t access settings and pair through other methods, indicating the Sofabaton remote is not applicable.

6. The WiFi control of the Sofabaton X series remote only supports devices such as Roku, Philips Hue, and Sonos.

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