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Original price was: $ 219.99.Current price is: $ 159.99.

Universal Remote, Most areas are subject to a free shipping policy.
For certain areas, due to restrictions in the destination country, additional cancellation fees and taxes may be charged. Before you place an order, the system will notify and inform you with detailed charge breakdowns.
For more details, check our delivery date and policy.

Sorry, this product is currently only available for purchase in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom due to limited stock or delivery constraints.

All in one universal remote, Features include the Customized Sofabaton APP, One-Touch Activities, Voice Control, API Integration, and more.

4 reviews for X1

  1. Olivia

    This is a nice replacement for a Logitech Remote. It did all that you expect from a Logitech remote. Also, the set up using a phone app was so much easier than Logitech.The X1 met all my expectations. I have had no problem adding my devices even more obscure ones such as a vcr and a laser disc player and my macros were fairly painless to set up. Macros (once set up) allow easy changing among favorite channels with function wheel. Activity button functions allow quick control of multiple devices. Backlighting is a big improvement over Harmony. Comprehensive along device database.

  2. Jamie

    This universal remote is so handy! I’ve used multiple remotes before to control devices like TVs, stereos, and projectors, and it’s been a real mess. But since I purchased the Sofabaton X1, everything has become easier. It is perfectly compatible with my various devices and the setup process is very simple. I can also start various activities with a single click through the Sofabaton app, making my home entertainment experience much smoother.

  3. Gabriel Lefèvre

    Excellente télécommande ! J’ai beaucoup d’appareils et même ma Logitech Harmony Elite ne fonctionne pas avec la plupart d’entre eux – c’est une bataille qui dure des semaines. J’ai reçu cette télécommande hier et en quelques heures, après l’avoir rechargée, configurée et utilisée avec les dispositifs ajoutés, j’étais opérationnel et tout fonctionnait parfaitement ! Jusqu’à présent, c’est une télécommande de qualité et j’en suis très satisfait !

  4. leweao

    The best remote right now, there is no better one. I have been a userof Logitech Harmony for many years…first for a couple of yearsHarmony 525 then for many years Harmony One until today andwhich finally gave up, some buttons no longer work well but it didn’twork at full capacity because it doesn’t have a BT connection and nave Nvidia Shield of the newer generation. Sofabaton U2 paired aldevices without any problems from the first, simple programming ofeach button, much simpler than Logitech, I remember the beginningsfinally have a remote that works flawlessly with all 5 of my devices.Happy as a child.

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