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Universal Remote, Most areas are subject to a free shipping policy.
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All-in-one universal remote, Features include the Customized Sofabaton APP, One-Touch Activities, Voice Control, the Powerful Hub, API Integration, and more.

Looking for a more affordable option? Check out the old model SofaBaton X1


4 reviews for X1S

  1. T.Paullin

    For those evaluating a replacement for harmony products,I think SOFABATON is a good option. The programming is maybe not quite as obvious as with harmony solutions, but the functionality is all there. This X1S seemed to be less buggy to set up and program than I had experienced setting up the X1 in the past, and the lift to wake feature is a nice to have. Overall, seems like a good upgrade. I really like the remote lR functionality of the SOFABATON products, not needing to maintain line of sight to devices to interact with them.

  2. Frank

    Now, When I had the opportunity to properly debug the X1S, I did so enthusiastically and I’m happy to report back:
    – The setup is not described in detail, but the app is good and I found it intuitive. It’s easy to configure from just your phone, without having to find a PC or laptop with an old Harmony and its aging software.
    – Activities are easy to set up and highly configurable with clear, selectable icons and naming capabilities.
    – Most of the default buttons/commands work, but some do not. Thankfully, you have the option to look up working commands from a large cloud database!
    – The “Wake on Motion” feature is reminiscent of the old Logitech and is clearly an upgrade from the X1S.
    – Battery life seems good so far!
    Conclusion:Let’s face it, we all miss Harmony, but the Sofabaton X1s gets the job done on multiple levels. Lots of configurable options, a huge database of cloud commands (and the option to add commands remotely from the original device only), configurable campaigns, and perfectly decent apps that can be run on the phone make it a winner.

  3. dfbende (verified owner)

    Bought the Sofabaton X1S af few weeks ago. I was happy with the X1, but the X1S is even better 🙂
    * Always on when picking it up
    * Improved communication between the remote control and the central hub
    * Better backlight
    * Multilingual Support

  4. Rémi

    Enjoyed the X1 for a good time. The wheel started not to respond properly and so I moved to the X1S. Experience is great as the product is easy to set-up both physically (no need to have a line of sight to use IR commands) and technically (with intuitive and powerfull app). I could hardly do without it now as I’m able to control 6 devices with one Remote (tv, android tv box, HDMI switch, sound bar, playstation 5, dyson fan).
    Activities makes it easier to start anything and provide a great customer experience.

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