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Terms of Use

SofaBaton was founded in XXXX by a team of passionate individuals who recognized the need for a universal remote control solution.SofaBaton have achieved significant milestones, such as applying for technology patents and selling over XX million units worldwide. We are dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that enhance convenience, eliminate clutter, and provide users with effortless control over their home entertainment systems.


SofaBaton specializes in the development and manufacturing of universal remote controls. Our remotes are designed to work with a vast array of home audio and video equipment. With our user-friendly remote controls, users can easily navigate and control multiple devices with a single device, simplifying their entertainment setup.


Looking ahead, SofaBaton aims to further expand its global reach and continue pushing the boundaries of remote control technology. We are committed to ongoing innovation, incorporating cutting-edge features and technologies into our products to stay ahead of evolving consumer needs.

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