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X1 Hub Upgrade Already!

Dear Sofabaton Customers,

Thanks for your patience and attention to our products.

As mentioned last month, our X1 remote V9 and Hub V13 are ready to use now. By the way, for the WiFi version, due to the firmware database did not include the WiFi version before, that’s why you only can see the version kept as 0.0.0, but it will not affect your use no matter which WiFi version is, thanks for your attention. We will focus on the WiFi upgrading next time to 2.0.8, thank you for your understanding. The image I showed you is the one for our test, but the version was not finally released, thanks for your patience.

Firstly, here are the details and bugs we have fixed this time as following,

  1. You can go ahead to upgrade the previous version matter it is V8/V9/V10/V11 directly to V12 now. If you have something happened unsuccessfully while upgrading, then you have to come back to our support team and return the products for double confirmation;
  2. If you upgrade in error under the Android & iOS APP3.2.7 version, then please try to exit and re-upgrade again 2 or 5 times if possible; If it still can not work, then please go ahead to contact our support and return the products for upgrading;
  3. We have fixed the problem of the IR control of Xfinity and solved the problem of insensitive key commands;
  4. We have optimized the WiFi control of ROKU to solve the abnormal long-press without any response issue;
  5. Optimized the Bluetooth connection and fixed the problem that some Bluetooth devices cannot respond quickly when reconnecting after screen sleep;
  6. The hub was in a screen sleep state after being used for some time, and the system was upgraded to automatically reset to be used;
  7. Fixed the IP issue that you can repair the whole  IP address instead of only changing the last figures of the IP address before while the WiFi can not connect;
  8. We have added the MD5 define field to make the upgrade under the iOS version stable(Now can not support Android Online);
  9. For the new APP ID issue, we are now can synchronize activities databases to your new APP ID users, but the device database can not.

Secondly, there are still some to be improved, and will fix them as soon as possible for your quick look, if you have any of them, please feel free to contact us, thank you for your patience!

  1. The app device add/repair button is synchronized to the remote control, and the remote control will display one more button;
  2. When adding devices or activities to synchronize data to the remote control, the progress bar of the remote control will appear two or more times, it must go back to 0% while synchronizing data again;
  3. APP issue: Open the activities switch to the device, Remote control Activities, and device list without Syning;
  4. Sky Q can not control the issue;
  5. The device added by the app can not synchronize to the remote control at the same time;
  6. Remote control: Switch the Activities to open the device. The Activities list on the IOS APP is not automatically synchronized to  display on the same device;
  7. The distance between the hub and the device is about 3m. The remote control controls the Roku device will not be sensitive;
  8. When the remote control enters the screen sleep state, click “Find” on the APP. It will alarm when click it two times or more;
  9. When the activity name is too long, the slider blocks the font issue;
  10. When the remote control is synchronizing device information, the APP can also upgrade after receiving the HUB upgrade prompt.
  11. If the HUB is not connected to the network the network fails to be configured or the HUB is disconnected from the network, the indicator light of the HUB will be in green, but the normal way is in blue. You are advised to display the indicator light of the HUB in related scenarios;
  12. APP side: Add/repair button list, sort button; Remote control side: button list will not be automatically synchronized, manual synchronization is required to restore the consistency;
  13. How many times will the remote control synchronize after pressing the off button for a long time (high probability);
  14. The hub connection is always disconnected, connecting in two seconds and connecting in two seconds. The green light keeps flashing issue;
  15. If the APP is disconnected from the HUB’s WIFI, the MCU will continue to send data to the APP;
  16. Bluetooth disconnection occurs 4 times out of 30 times on the distribution network;
  17. The remote control synchronization data is abnormal, some devices are not displayed, but the space is displayed.

Thirdly, there is most important thing is that you have to keep attention while upgrading,

* Please keep your Phone in normal WiFi status while upgrading. Or it will go to error without poor WiFi, thank you for your understanding.

Fourthly, please go ahead to open your APP and choose the new version to be upgraded, any problems during upgrading, please keep in touch with us, thanks.









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