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The U-series remote can’t pair with my Bluetooth device or control it afterward.

1. Download the code first to control your Bluetooth device with Sofabaton. Afterward, you should complete the pairing process by visiting the device’s settings page. Here are the steps to pair the device with Sofabaton app:

a.Go to settings on your TV or projector and select Bluetooth-related options.

b. Find the device that includes the Sofabaton field in its name.

c. Click to complete the pairing process between the device and the Sofabaton remote.

d.Once the pairing is complete, you can easily control your Bluetooth device with the Sofabaton remote.

2. If your device is displaying that it has previously been connected to Sofabaton in the Bluetooth settings, it is recommended that you cancel the previous pairing before proceeding with a new connection. To do this, navigate to your device’s Bluetooth settings, select the option to unpair or forget the Sofabaton remote, and then restart the pairing process by searching for Sofabaton and following the instructions to complete the pairing.

3. If your device can’t find the Sofabaton device in the Bluetooth settings, there could be a few reasons for this:

a.The remote’s waiting time might have expired and exited the pairing state. To resolve this, please go back to the previous page on the app and download the code again; the remote will re-enter the pairing state.

b.You can also try unplugging the Bluetooth device and then rediscovering the Sofabaton device.

c.If neither a nor b solves the discovery problem, it could be that your device’s built-in Bluetooth discovery function cannot find the Sofabaton device. You can try adding a third-party Bluetooth discovery tool to help your device pair with Sofabaton. Some users had this problem while using Chromecast and solved it with this solution.

If the issue persists, please email our customer support team at service@sofabaton.com or send feedback from the Sofabaton app. They will be happy to assist you further with the problem.

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