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New Sofabaton X1S: Upgrading the Intelligent Control Experience

We are pleased to announce that the new Sofabaton X1S has joined our product family. Building on the success of the X1, the X1S brings additional enhancements to further improve your smart control experience.

One of the key improvements of the X1S is the optimization of communication between the remote control and the central hub, solving the problem of occasional unresponsiveness due to interference. With X1S, you will no longer experience frustrating moments when commands are ignored. With X1S, you’ll have seamless control every time you operate.

We’ve also added a convenient lift-to-wake screen feature that makes interacting with your device even easier. No more fumbling with buttons – just lift the remote and the screen lights up, ready for you.

We’ve also optimized the fonts displayed on the remote to support multiple languages, ensuring a more inclusive and convenient user experience. Whether you favor English, Spanish, French or any other language, the X1S has you covered.

With these enhancements, the new Sofabaton X1S sets a new standard for intelligent control, allowing you to manage your entertainment with ease and precision. Upgrade to the X1S today and take intelligent control to a whole new level.

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