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Some of my devices can not be turned on/off normally

There are several reasons why devices may not power on or off correctly. Troubleshooting steps should be followed based on the specific issue.

1. CEC function confusing:

Disable the device’s CEC or similar functions. CEC may conflict with activity operations, causing issues with turning devices on and off. The methodology varies between brands and can be searched online.

2. Incorrect power state:

Press the Off button on the remote control to close all activities. If any devices are still on, manually turn them off (always use the remote control or X1 to switch to device mode to turn off the device). Ensure that the power state of the devices matches what is recorded in the activities. Then, reopen the activities, and things should return to normal.

3. Incorrect power key in the code library:

On the device control page in the Sofabaton app, click on the “…” icon and review the command list. Test the power button to see if it works.

(1)If the power key works, it means there is no problem with the power key. Please check the other solutions.

(2)If the power key doesn’t work, repair the command. Refer to the the point The power button is not working to fix it.

4. Wrong power setting:

On the device control page in the app, click on the virtual turn on/off button to manually confirm if it works.

(1)If the turn on/off button works, there is no problem with the power setting.

(2)If the turn on/off button doesn’t work, check if the power state and power command are set correctly in Edit > Power Settings. Refer to the article on  Power Setting or the Video Tutorial for help.

If you have checked all the solutions above and still can not solve the issue, please contact customer service for help. You can reach them through email at service@sofabaton.com or get online support on the Sofabaton App.


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